Vibeke Mouridsen

Welcome to my author site!

My name is Vibeke Mouridsen and I write stories with a touch of magic and mystery.

At my site, you can read about my published stories and current projects.

Do you want to learn more about writing and the life of a newbie writer? Then go check out my blog Life with words.

When I am not writing, I am hunting bugs in software, and I love strawberry pie and a good movie.

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Life with words - Blog

Five mistakes you should avoid on your author website
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If you’re a new author, it’s important you start profiling yourself on your website, but if you haven’t tried creating websites before, you can easily make some mistakes. Here I give you five mistakes I have made. Don’t do like … Read More

Love Letters to Writers by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
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Love Letters to Writers: Encouragement, Accountability, and Truth-Telling by Andi Cumbo-Floyd My rating: 5 of 5 stars As soon as I started to read Love Letters to Writers I felt embraced as a writer. Andi Cumbo-Floyd’s wise and vulnerable storytelling … Read More

Resources on writing
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Do you feel like writing, too? Here is a list of resources online, places and books where I have gained knowledge and inspiration from.

Do you want to learn more on writing and being a writer?