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I'm Vibeke Mouridsen and I'm a writer and blogger.

I write fantasy, horror and YA stories.

When I don't write, I work as a test coordinator within a public organization.

I have a soft heart for strawberry pie, and I love to watch a good movie.

Follow me, and read about my writing, my background, and how I became a writer.

What do I write about on the author page?

You'll find articles about having a passion for reading books, for the world of words and about writing stories yourself. I blog mainly on three topics:

My writing

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Magical stories

Read about my writing tips and how life is as a beginner writer.

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What the readers say

How I began my writing adventure

Do you want to learn more about how I started writing?

It starts with the books

Once upon a time many, many years ago, when neither computers nor Facebook existed and the television only had one channel (at least here in tiny Denmark). At that time I was a child and a teenager, and it was my greatest pleasure to read books. I read every single day and I read everything, I could lay my hands on, but it started with the folk tales, H. C. Andersen, and all the classic stories. Bjarne Reuters (famous Danish author) Children's and Youth books, and series books like the Five, Nancy Drew and Puk (by Danish writer, Lisbeth Werner) I swallowed too. Later I read Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes and science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov and Ursula LeGuin.

The reading gave birth to the desire to write myself. I wrote poetry and some short stories. One of them I also submitted to a contest, but I didn't win.

Life dreams

Realizing that it would be difficult to create a career as a writer, I instead became an IT consultant, because I was also very interested in how to use all the new IT technology that came up. I was an IT consultant for many years, and I still am, but a few years ago, my children were becoming adults and I saw the opportunity to revisit my life-dream.

In fact, as a child I had three professions I dreamed of becoming: a writer, an IT consultant and an animal caretaker in a zoo. Well, IT consultant I already was, the zoo caretaker I was too old for, but the writing dream was still possible.

The writing dream is realized

I started blogging and typing short stories and flash fiction stories (under 1000 words), which I translated a few pieces off to English. I edited them many times, and finally, I found the courage to submit them. One of them came back with a refusal, but with comments, and then I knew that the story was suitable.

I realized, however, that I needed more knowledge, so I started to look for articles on writing, when I randomly saw a course, Discover Your Writing Self, and signed up. It became a turning point because I was contacted by an Australian lady who asked if I was interested in offering a story to a charity project. I had exactly the story, so I could not say no. In April 2017, One Thousand followers was released in the ebook A Pocketful of Dreams, vol. II Europe & Africa, and I have a story more to come, a Book of Stone, which is expected to be published in an upcoming printed version of a Pocketful of dreams.

Writing education

It made me want to achieve more and I knew that I had to get some actual training in fiction writing. Fantasy author Lene Dybdahls writing course SkriveRejsen (The Writing Journey) was about to start up right at the time and I immediately checked in to the course, which I have followed since April 2017. It is a fantastic course that covers many aspects of writing but also of thriving in author life. Every week a new module is released, which can be a lesson, a writing exercise, feedback on a writing exercise or a masterclass. Once a month you can join a live chat. If you'd like to know more about SkriveRejsen, you can got to the Pen and Pondus website to watch a video (in Danish, sorry) where I talk about what I gained from joining SkriveRejsen.

My background

I was born on May 30, 1966, on a farm close to Ølsted near Horsens, Denmark, and raised in the countryside with a view to open fields and along with pigs, cows, hens, cats, dogs and a pair of budgies. Even though I'm only having a vegetable garden today and being an occasional foster mother for our friends' lovely dog, this upbringing doesn't deny itself, and for example the cat Luna appears in the Moon Guard's Circle.

I am originally a trained clerk at LEGO specialized in IT. After that I took a diploma in information science over 4 years while working. After almost 12 years at the LEGO company I moved to the IT industry and became a consultant with focus on testing, quality and lean. My interest in IT also shines through in my writing, partly when I constantly improve my website, and partly as technological elements in my stories.

I live in the small town, Grejs, near Vejle together with my husband, Lars. We have two grown-up children who have now moved out of the house, and that has allowed me more time to concentrate on my hobby, but I have also got my own writing spot. I call it my writing studio.

Writing Space
I normally do my writing at my desk
The cabinet acts as plotboard

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