How books can make you a writer

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Do you know Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic series? I have a confession to make: I am that kind of person. I am a shopaholic. A book shopaholic. When I see a bargain for a book, I buy that book right away. An ebook for free? Even better!

In every other matter, I am a very responsible and economical person. But not when it comes to books.

The embarrassing truth about my book count

Two months ago at Easter, I counted all my books. Physical books and ebooks. Small books, large books and also unread PDFs.

I counted 35 books. Most of them were physical ones. Well, 34 books, because two of them were exactly the same. I had bought the same book twice! Well, at least I have a gift now to give the next time I have forgotten to buy one.

The even more embarrassing truth about my countdown

Back at Easter, I made a promise to myself. I have to read three books before I can buy another one, and only one book. That way I would reduce my stack of books over time.

To keep myself up to my promise, I announced my new goal at the “Online Writing Community by Andilit”, an awesome group I am a member of, and where we hold each other accountable for writing, reading and living goals.

I kept my promise. I read three books before I bought another one.
But I have another confession to make. I bought two books and read one of the books immediately, so I would keep my promise.

And then I lost it. I did read another book, and then I bought one. My excuse? I needed the book for my writing.

How books can make you a writer

Embarrassed by my week backbone, I stopped making myself accountable for my book countdown. Are you reading this, Andi? My ears are read because I made a recount today and though I read several books since I am up to 35 again.

How to find yourself as a writer

By the way, speaking of Andi, who runs the before mentioned online writing community. She is giving her excellent online course Discover Your Writing Self occasionally. It’s 31 days of lessons about how to explore yourself as a writer, and it’s well worth 100$, but Andi is such a nice lady, so she is offering the course as a pay what you can.

I took the course last year, and it changed my perspective on myself as a writer, and the result was my writing manifesto, which is still in the background of my desktop.

You can learn more at https://andilit.com/DYWS-July2017. UPDATE! The course has closed for now, but stay tuned to Andilit.com for the next opening.

You can also buy her course as a book at Amazon.

How books can make you a writer

Why books made me become a writer

What has all this got to do with the books? You see, books are the reason I am writing. When I was a child and teenager I read books like children today play video games, and it made me want to write books myself.

At the time I wrote a lot of poems and a couple of short stories, and I also submitted one for a writing contest (but I didn’t win of course). Some people including a teacher told me that my writing wasn’t good enough, and I put the writing aside for many years.

But, every time I read a great book, I felt the urge to write.

A couple of years ago I was at a stage of my life finding that I wanted to take up my dream, and I finally started to write again.

And now at the age of fifty, I have published for the first time – my short story One Thousand Followers in the international anthology series A Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa. My dream came true. This could be your dream coming true, too.

Do you have stacks of unread books? How many? How do you keep your pile down? What made you want to be a writer? I would love to know, so leave a comment.

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