The role of magic in the stories

Magic plays a certain role in many of my stories.


Angels are supernatural beings created by light.

Angel means messenger and is sent by God to convey a message to a man on earth or to be a guardian angel.

The short story in Danish, The Messenger, is about angels.

Angels and Magic

In the Jewish faith there are plenty of angels who were considered to possess magical power. The magic of some of the angels was so strong that it was not allowed to write down the names of the angels.

It is told of the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel that they formed a magical square to protect the throne of God in heaven.

Names of Angels

All of the four Archangels ‘ names end on the letters el. Most angels names do. That also goes fro the word angel. In the short story The Messenger, the protagonist is an angel called Muriel.

How many wings have an angel?

There are several types of angels. Besides the ordinary angels and Archangels, the Christian Bible also mentions cherubim and seraphim.

An angel has two wings, cherubim has four and seraphim six.

Fallen Angels

The angels were also called godly sons, and fallen angels were godly sons who had had children with human daughters. Fallen angels were considered demons who served Satan.

In The Messenger, three fallen angels appear. Azazel is one of them. He is best known from Judaism, where he was one of the leaders among the fallen. Azazel is pronounced with pressure on the first syllable, but I put the pressure on the second myself, because I think the name sounds cooler that way.

Pharzuph is one of the lesser known Jewish angels and is considered to be a fallen angel of fornication and lust. That is also the role he plays in the The Messenger.

Lucifer means the immemorial and in the Christian Bible he is reffered to as the glorious morning Star. When Lucifer is expelled to hell, he is called the Fallen Morning Star. The Christian faith sometimes uses Lucifer as pseudonym for the Devil.

Dark Fantasy

Stories where demons holds a central role will usually be described as dark fantasy.

You can read more about angels on Wikipedia.

The Magic of Art

Why I write

Magic comes in many facets. It is not just about magic dust and spells, but also about the magic in the narratives that are created when we write.

“Creating something that didn’t exist is as close to magic I’ll ever get.”

I am fascinated by the fact that a blank piece of paper can be the beginning of a book, a film or a painting. My pen and keyboard are my wands that convey the spells in my brain to amazing stories enshrined in my notebook and on my computer.






The Magic Diary

A Pocketful of Dreams Volume IIIn 2016, I joined an American online writing course where one of the other participants, a lady from Australia, asked if I wanted to contribute with a short story in English to a charity project, The Magic Diary project. I happened to have two short stories in my virtual drawer, one of which was accepted and published in the ebook A Pocketful of Dreams, vol. II, Europe & Africa in April 2017. My first release.

The amazing thing about this project is that more than 50 writers from all over the world have contributed with stories, websites, videos and, not least, a cross-border collaboration without ever meeting each other. Borders have been degraded, friendships have been formed and writers have been born. That is truly magical.