My top 3 sources of inspiration for writing

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Are you new to writing and need inspiration? On these three pages, you can find plenty of valuable stuff for free.

For about a year I had been playing with the idea of starting to write. A dream I already had as a teenager. Actually, there were three things I wanted to be. I wanted to be a zookeeper, computer consultant or author.

3 strong sources of inspiration for writersDreams should be acted out

As a middle-aged woman with children already on their way to leaving their parental nest, it was about time to revive the dreams before my life was gone, and I had reached my final destination and regretted that at least I had not tried.

Well, zookeeper I was too old and too indolent to become. A few dead cats and taking care of my good friends’ dog once in a while had to make it out for the dream. I am pretty fine with that.

Computer consultant I became and has been for 30 years, so that dream I had long experienced to the fullest. One can always learn something new in the world of IT, where a year is said to last only three months, but the yearning to try something completely different was pressing at me.

Remaining was the dream of writing, and that dream might still be possible.

From dream to action

The fruit has to mature before picking and so has dreams. I had to start learning the profession and find inspiration that could help me on the way, so here you get the 3 websites for writers that have inspired me the most so far.

On the three sites below there are lots of valuable material to download, and not a least – it’s free. Although you also can buy online courses and books etc., if you want to immerse yourself, you will not be choking in sales talk.

And hey, I get no money or other benefits of promoting these writers, but it is my way of paying back a little bit of the knowledge that the people behind the web pages below so happily share.

3 strong sources of inspiration for writers

No. 3: The Divine Writer

UPDATE! Unfortunately, The Divine Writer has closed the blog since this article was written, but you can get her encouraging tips in her book Ramblings of a writer.

The Divine Writer was the first place on the web where I really got a proper kick in the ass to get started. The Divine Writer has dedicated itself to establish a writing practice for life, and it is something that Pernille Nørregaard, who is the inspiring author behind the website, can convey.

In addition, I love Pernille’s writing style, which is fresh, direct and comfortable self-deprecating. Are you a beginner, don’t miss stopping by at The Divine Writer, which is a really good place to start.

No. 2: Holly Lisle

Number 2 on the list is Holly Lisle, who writes with heart, skin and all, and so does she, when she writes about writing. At Holly’s website, there are lots of writing tips gained from 25 years of writing and teaching writing.

Holly currently offers a depth and not at least free online course in How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck.

No. 1: Goins, writer

Goins, Writer hits with great accuracy the top of my list of sources of inspiration. With authenticity and honesty, the successful blogger and bestselling author Jeff Goins writes about writing, creativity, blogging, work, and life in general.

Jeff shares extremely generously his knowledge both in text and video, and also excellent guest bloggers make this site alive and exciting. Among other things, the online course Intentional Blogging Challenge for free in November. Goins, writer is a must follow page for all bloggers.

There are plenty of pages when you google writing. What are your sources of inspiration on the web? Tell it in the comments below so we can share the best pages with each other.

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