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Language: English (also available in Danish)

In Traitor, our protagonist is fleeing from a partner in the pouring rain and with an injured arm.

Traitor is an easy read, noir short story in eight parts, which I wrote for FebruaryFICTION (#februaryfiction) 2018.

FebruaryFICTION is a fun, Danish initiative that runs every day in the month of February. It’s about writing a completed story with start, middle, and end of max. 100 words. The event was invented by the Danish author A. Rune and you can read more about this in the Facebook group FebruaryFICTION (in Danish).

The story originally started as a writing exercise for the writing course SkriveRejsen from Lene Dybdahl, which I wrote in January 2018. The writing exercise had the weather as theme and film noir as inspiration, and I created the start of a noir story that takes place in the rain.

I couldn’t, however, get the story out of my mind and saw the opportunity to continue the work. I edited the writing exercise and cut it into four sections of each max. 100 words (it was originally at 500), so that each section constituted a kind of chapter that reasonably met the requirements of FebraryFICTION.

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