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Do you feel like writing, too? Here is a list of resources online, places and books where I have gained knowledge and inspiration from.

Ressources on writingYou may also want to read my article about my three best sources of inspiration for writers.

Check this page once in a while. I will keep updating the list.


There are so many pages on the net about writing, but here is a selection of those I’ve enjoyed the most.

Holly Lisle: Writing tips (and a free online short-fiction class) from 25 years of writing.

Goins, writer: Successful blogger and bestselling author, Jeff Goins, writes about creativity, blogging, and writing. Free material and online courses to download here.

Pat Verducci: Writing tips from the author and the screenwriter.

The Write Practice: Joe Bunting’s blog deals primarily with the technical aspects of writing. Free material on the page including free tutorials about writing.

Now Novel: In addition to courses in writing books, a blog with lots of writing tips for fiction writing.

Andilit: You find Andi Cumbo-Floyd’s insightful storytelling about writing and being a writer on her blog.

Facebook groups

You will find a lot of great groups for writers on Facebook. You may need to join a newsletter or an introduction from a member to get in.

Pinterest boards

There is also a lot of material on Pinterest about writing. Infographics often make it a quick read. You need to sign up as a user to access, but it’s free.

On writing (sorry, Stephen King): My own board with interesting pins on writing.

Magical stories: At this board, you will find selected articles from my blog.

Book fairs

Look for local book fairs. It’s a great place to meet other writers.


Cumbo-Floyd, Andi: Discover Your Writing Self. CreateSpace, 2016.

Cumbo-Floyd, Andi: Love Letters to Writers. November 14th, 2017.

Gilbert, Elizabeth: Big Magic. Creative Living Beyond Fear. Bloomsbury, 2015.

King, Stephen: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Pocket Books, 2002.

I hope these resources will give you the inspiration to get started writing. Where do you get knowledge and inspiration when writing? Please share your best resources below in the comments.

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