How to write more – Part 2

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As a new writer and probably also sometimes for established writers, it can be a challenge to keep the skrivelysten going. Maybe you have even experienced that it is difficult to maintain motivation? In this article series where this post is the second of three, you get my tips to stay focused on writing.

In the Last post you got my best tips to fire up during Skrivelysten. In this post we’ll be looking at another 7 ways to create focus. Let us immediately throw ourselves into it.

Agree Skrivetid

I am in the situation that my children are adults and moved away from home, and even though I have full-time work, so I have more time to write than so many others. Nevertheless, I find myself disturbed because I am also married!

Of course, one must be able to talk together in a marriage, but we have made the agreement that when I sit and write, my husband tries to leave me in peace.

In addition, I have some fixed times when I write on, both in everyday life and on weekends. Such as. I go to writing every Saturday morning, where there comes a lesson in the writing journey, which is a writing course from Pen and clout that I follow. In the same way as when I go to water gymnastics on Monday night.

If you have children, then I understand that it can be difficult to find time to write, but then it may just be the solution that you have some fixed times to write in. For example, Be one or more evenings per week where your spouse takes care of the children, or an hour every night after the children’s bedtime.

Try to keep keeping the fixed time sacred and make it to yours. For example, Need to say no to a phone call or a visit. If you are now thinking that it is too difficult or you will not do so, try asking yourself the question whether you would have said no, if it was a sport or another leisure interest you went to.

Remove distractions

Now we’re talking about distractions, then my cell phone is seldom with inside my writing room. I leave it in the kitchen where I cannot hear it.
I also turned off notifications on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other apps, and even on emails, so the phone only bimler with the most important messages.

Apps and browser extensions are available to turn off Facebook and Internet usage as you type. I have for periods used Google Chrome extension Strict Workflow for the purpose as well as for the tomato method, which you can read on further down in this post.

Fifteen tips for to write focus Part 2 PinterestHow to get written more Part 2 Pinterst

Keep Records of your progress

Another method you can use to maintain skrivelysten is to keep daily accounts with how much you get written. It creates a focus on your momentum.

I’ve tried spreadsheets and online systems, but I’ve found out that what works best for me is writing down on paper. To this end, I have found a brilliant book, the author Almanac.

In the author Almanac There is a calendar for each week, where you can note the Skrivemål and tasks and tick whether these are reached. There are also writing tips from different authors.

I use Alma to note the skrivemål of the week, which is usually a number of words for the whole week. For every day I note how many words I have written. When the week has passed, I am doing a count and keeping it up against the week’s skrivemål.

Alma’s neck is always open on my desk together with a pencil, so it’s quick and easy to jot down (for for some reason I always remember it when the computer is shut down).

The author Almanac also has the advantage when it is posted that you can easily see whether you are with or need to give it a skull.

How to write more part 2


Most hate deadlines, but the fact is that many are most productive when they have a time limit hanging over them.

The deadline for a short story contest can make you write more, because if you don’t write, you won’t be done. If you are not finished, you have nothing to deliver and you have no chance of winning either.

You can create a similar pressure by setting a clear time limit for when you need to finish the next scene or chapter, first draft, etc. Write it down, because once it’s in writing, it’s harder to run from.

Tomato method

The tomato method or Pomodoro (Italian for tomato) The technique, as it is also called, uses the same psychological mechanism as the deadlines. The method is that you write in, for example, the 25 minutes and then you have a 5-minute break, then you write for 25 minutes again. After every 3-4 repetition, you keep a longer break.

I have found out that the method works because it is a short, manageable time that I need to work. 25 minutes I can put myself down and write.

I use this method when writing is really difficult for me, for example. If the subject is hard to write about. Often I find that once I get started writing, I write more than 25 minutes, because now I have got into the flow.

There are different Pomodora apps and browser extensions, but you can also just use something as simple as a æggeur.

I have even during periods of time used Google Chrome extension Strict Workflow, which is easy to use. You click on the red Tomato in Chrome and start typing.

When 25 minutes have elapsed, the tomato automatically switches to green, which means pause.

How to get the more-tomato method


One of the reasons why the Tomato method works is the idea of pause, ie. You’ll get some sort of reward when you’ve written 25 minutes. You can use other rewards in a similar way to motivate you to write more.

Some examples:

  • I may spend a neighborhood on Facebook when I typed the next scene
  • I must write a post on my blog when I have written the next chapter
  • I must buy ticket to Bogforum when I have written this short story
  • I must buy the delicious notebook, I saw the other time when I have written my first draft of my novel

Find Some rewards that are especially attractive to you.

Did you pretend that one of the suggestions was that you had to write something when you had written what you were supposed to do? You can use the writing itself as a reward if, for example, you As I love writing blog posts.

Pre-Diary of your writing wins

At the beginning, when I was unsure of myself, I got the idea to record in a diary every time I had achieved a victory in my skriveliv. I still use it ingeniously to come back to when you have a downturn, and you get it when you write, whether you are a new or an experienced writer.

For example, you can Take note When you wrote your first draft, got published a short story or have written every day for a week. You decide for yourself what. The most important thing is to note something that has had a special (positive) impact on you.

You can read more about how you can make and use such a diary in this post.

Want to know more about keeping focus?

If you have read with all of this, then you have got 7 tips in this post to maintain and focus your writing desire. In the Last post, coming next week, you get my last 7 tips.

Do you swing the whip over yourself, or do you keep a carrot in front of your nose when you write? Tell me about your best reward in the comments.

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